1. Walt and Jesse are hanging with Anonymous in Riverdale, MD. #twitter (at National Foreign Language Center)


  2. Here begins my attempt to play catch up and watch every single episode of The Chris Gethard Show.


  3. asignificantgravitasshortfall:


    THE MONKS performing “guitar surgery” live on German TV 1966

    RIP Gary Burger

    Botched ifttt reposts from G+! This is what it should have looked like.


  4. asignificantgravitasshortfall:


    RIP Gary Burger

    (Source: kalikazoo.blogspot.com)


  5. Still raining on my back. #twitter (at Whole Foods Market)


  6. Photo: Mel Brooks and Sid Caesar in the early 1950s.

    (Source: thirteen.org)


  7. I love when I make a singular find on #eBay with no competition at all. You’re all missing out! #twitter


  8. Is there a Facebook “life event” for “got a flu shot”?


  9. Beki Tortoise studies her portrait. She’s probably wondering if she really looks that green. (painting by @erinmcgathy)


  10. .@danielbachman @redonionrecords (at Red Onion Records & Books)