1. Shadow play


  2. at Brooklyn Night Bazaar


  3. Anyone else going to Hypnotic Brass Ensemble @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar on Saturday?


  4. A belated goodbye to DC. That’s Beki Tortoise in the plastic carrier.

    We had just said goodbye to our movers, packed up my parents’ SUV and about to hit the road, moving out of DC after ~3 years.


  5. Another window recording, only mildly less terrible because I remembered to use a windscreen and a lo-cut filter. I should really just walk outside and record them directly from the sidewalk.


  6. The sound of Flatbush in August. 

    Terribly recorded from my 5th floor window.


  7. asignificantgravitasshortfall:

    Courtney Barnett in Portugal and Spain.


  8. Forgot I took this picture outside Tom’s Restaurant in Brooklyn on Monday. #twitter (at Tom’s Restaurants Established In1936)


  9. How I feel most Sundays.


  10. *blink*